Level 1

In level 1, We will try to cover the fundamentals of Tango, the communication, the guiding, the holding of each partner and some basic movements that should give the viewer the necessary  tools to get in the dance floor. These videos should be consider only as an initial guide. There is no better teacher in Tango than hundreds of hours in the dance floor. But if you love tango, each hour in the dance floor should be the equivalent of an hour of pleasure.

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Thank you for watching us and being part of this wonderful tango community

1. Tango Posture, abrazo and walking

2. Walking exercises plus basic steps

3. Front Ochos

4. Back Ochos

5. Variation of back ochos

6. Energy and Direction

7. Walking Exercises 

8. Crossing on "5"

9. Stopping on "4"

10. Changing directions

11. Cross System

12. Back Ocho on "8"

13. Cuadrado, The Square

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