Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Walking Exercises, Lesson 7

In this exercise, we would like to add variety to our walking. Usually, when we go to milongas, we have no choice but to constantly move forward. The traffic and the Tango etiquette does not allow us to stay in one place for too long.

What we did here is that we started walking right in front of our partner. Eventually, to add variety to our walking or in preparation for some upcoming pattern, the leader decided to walk on the right side of the partner. The leader walks outside partner but with his shoulder, he makes her feel as if he is in front of her all the time. She should not feel any movement in her upper body that would make change her walk.

If walking to her right goes without difficulty, the leader could try to walk on her left side. Remember no to disturb  her frame and to make her feel as if you are right in front of her all the time.

Eventually, the leader could be switching from one side to the other without any effort.

This step is the fist of many that would add diversity to the way that you advance in the dance floor.

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