Sunday, May 6, 2012

Alain & Silvia Dance Tango at Dance Conmigo party. Cinco de Mayo

Dance Conmigo teaches private and group classes in Montreal.

Dance Conmigo host a party the first Saturday of every Month at Studio Metronome. Each party starts with complementary one hour course of a different dance.  After the dance class three dance floors are open to our guests. One dance floor for salsa, one dance floor for Argentine Tango and one dance floor for Ballroom and general dancing.

On May 5th there was one class of West Coast Swing and  at abut 10:30 pm there were three performances. Two of the performances were students of Cheryl Williams who showed couples how to do their first dance before their wedding and one performance by Alain and Silvia.  Alain And Silvia danced to "Finally Moving"  by Pretty Lights.

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