Friday, February 24, 2012

Body Rotations and Colgadas #1

Dance Conmigo offers private and group classes.

In this class we started with a rotation after a "Pasada"
We also did a rotation when both leader and follower were stepping into a back ocho.
Finally we did a Colgada. After stepping to the side on two, the follower created a sandwich with the leader foot creating a common axis. The leader rotated her shoulder as if guiding a back ocho and then created a rotation with the momentum of his body. Very fun step that can be exaggerated to different degrees.

One of the best time of the week is when we teach this tango class. we have to thank our students for putting up with us and the out of the ordinary interpretations that we put on body movements.

Dancing is just another way of communication, expressing yourself with your body, feeling and interpreting the music as we feel inspired to do. Tango classes is just an enrichment of the vocabulary of movements that allows to communicate with our partner.

When we find that ideal communication with a dance partner, then a smile comes to our face and the joy overwhelms our hearts. This is what makes dancers so passionate about their dance. Then it becomes a gospel and we want to share that joy with every one that we encounter.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tango at Le "Grand Bal en Rouge Rétro" - Édition 2012

On a beautiful night in Montreal, Shaima and Lyvia  from the Dance Troupe Ezzahra organized a fantastic event event called "Le Grand Bal en Rouge Rétro".

Alain and Cheryl were honored with an invitation to to perform an Argentine Tango for the second year in a row. The Tango was totally improvised using the song Bahia Blanca by Carlos Di Sarli.

Thank you Shaima and Lyvia for the inviation.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Giros to right and left. Tango 2 lesson 6

Dance Conmigo offers private and group classes.
In this video, we start a giro to the left with a planeo for the leader.
we have paradas and ganchos.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Giros to the left. Tango 2 lesson 5

Dance Conmigo offers private and group classes.

In this video we did Giros to the left.
We started with a cross system and feet crossed at 5
then we rotated our partner to our left.
To this giro we added a "lapiz" of foot decoration
We also showed how to exit steeping back
Finally, for complexity sake we did a giro to the left with a "barrida".

Dancer: Alain Guillot and Mariya Cherkasova

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Intercultural Program with École Josephine Dandurand

As part of its Intercultural program, École Josephine Dandurand has added to its regular field trip outing a dance lesson, offered in Spanish by Dance Conmigo. Students wanting to experience elements of Montreal's Spanish-speaking culture enjoy a day visiting Latin bookstores, eating at a Mexican restaurant and participating in activities conducted in Spanish. By taking a dance class in Spanish, students can reinforce their understanding of the language while picking up a fun and active social skill.

Dance Conmigo is happy to teach any of the dances in its curriculum in English, French or Spanish.

École Josephine Dandurand
90 rue Mackenzie-King
Saint-Jean-sur Richelieu

Dance Teachers: Cheryl Williams and Alain Guillot

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

FEb. 26th. Intermediate Tango workshop. Extreme rotations.

Sunday, February 26, 2012 at Dance Conmigo. 3655 saint Laurent. 1:30pm until 4:00pm

Teachers: Alain Guillot and Jade Pollack

Cost $20.

This workshop will be based on off-axis movements with an emphasis on rotation. Partners will
discover the subtleties of off-axis and shared axis movement. The workshop will introduce
new concepts to familiar steps and then increase in complexity as we apply the knowledge to
new and advanced figures.

Dancer's are not required to bring their own partner, but it would be preferred if they can sign
up with one.

We will try to cover a total of 8 different movements during the class. Within the rotations, we
will have a chance to look at colgadas, sacadas, ganchos and leg wraps.

After the 90 minute class there will be a one hour dance practice so that you can practice the
steps with class participants and new comers who will also be showing up for the practice.
During this time class teachers will be available to answers questions and provide tips.

Come join us for a workshop to experiment your balance, flexibility and creativity.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Tango 2 lesson 5 Giros, Barrida, Gancho

Dance Conmigo offers private and group classes.

-In this video we did a basic Giro exercise,

-Then we did a Giro in which both, leader and follower, walk around each other.

- We did the same exercise by leader staying in place and follower walking around the leader.

- Finally we added some sacadas, Barriada and Ganchos to our giros.
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