Friday, May 18, 2012

Ocho Cortado

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Ocho Cortado is a change of direction. It generally occurs on "5" or the cruzada position.

From 5, the leader takes a bouncing step forward and immediately brings his partner back to his right side. 

The secret in a good guiding is to keep a firm connections with the follower's back. As she steps back with her right leg, the leader prevents her from moving her left foot.

 After the bounce they both open facing each other and transferring the weight (leader to the right leg, followers to the left leg).

 The next motion is basically a pivoting move in which the leader transfer his weight to his left foot and rotating his shoulders to the left while bringing his partner with him.

 For the follower, she will be guided to transfer her weight to the right foot and the pivoting motion will encourage to cross her feet coming back to the Cruzada or "5" position.

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