Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crossing on 5 exercise, lesson 8

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One of the first difficulties that a tango dancer encounter is the guiding of the cross on 5. Is it guided or is it convention? "It is Guided!", but to properly guide it and follow-it, it takes many hours of practice.

In this video I proposed the following exercise: For a whole song, the leader should do the basic until the crossing on "5", Walk forward 3 steps starting with the left and then step outside partner with the right.

Each time that the leader steps outside partner, he would consider that step the step "3" of his basic and guide his partner to the crossing on 5 once again, and on and on.

After this is exercise is done non stop for a whole song (of for several songs) the body will start adopting a natural motion that would allow the leaders to communicate (and the followers to perceive) a crossing with little difficulty.

Please make a comment and let me know if this exercise worked for you.

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