Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Beginner Tango Lesson #1; Tango Posture, abrazo and walking

Lesson 1:

The essence of Tango is the communication between the two partners. Optimum communication is obtained when the two partner have good posture and body connection.

To have good posture both dancers would have to stand upright, with the head, shoulders, hips and feet perfectly aligned.

The connecting hands would be at about the average of the shoulder height  while the leader right hand could be anywhere from one shoulder blade to the other (depending on the closeness of their bodies).

  1. Pendulum. Even before the dance starts, we have to try to communicate, we do this by keeping our feet together and slowly switching our weight from one foot to the other. While holding our partner, she should feel this weight shifting and follow accordingly.
  2. After the partners feel the motion of the pendulum, the leader will step forward engaging his whole body and stepping with the heel first. The follower will respond by stretching her leg back and transferring her weight as the leader transfer his.

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