Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beginner Tango Lesson #2; Walking exercises plus basic steps

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In this video we did some walking exercises and the basic steps.

Walking exercice.

The purpose of this exercise is continue to build the communication between the two partners.

1. The leader will initiate the side step either to one side or to the other
2. The follower will do the mirror image of the movement,
3. The follower will try to feel the size of the step and the energy
4. after any of the side steps, both dancer will bring their ankles together and will start a walk

The basic step

The basic step works as a structure of all the tango steps to come, but it should not be a step to dance all night long. Watch video for a description of the step. As we start dancing socially, we will eliminate the step #1 and start directly from #2.

The basic plus a walk

Here, after the dancers arrive to position #5, the leader is allowed to continue dancing around the dance floor. On of the purpose is move constantly across the dance floor.

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