Friday, April 27, 2012

Variation of Crossing on "5" of Tango basics

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This is a variation of the basic 8 step pattern of Tango. This movement, although not significantly different from the regular basic step, it give a different feel and look to the dance.

 1. The leader takes a regular back step.
2. The leader takes his regular side step. Here I like to take my side step less than 45 degrees from my "one" so that I can indicating our new direction.
3. On my "3" the leader creates Contra body movement of about 45 degrees
4. On "4" both leader and follower take a side step (similar to step "Two")
5. On "5" the leader crosses his feet on the back while the follower crosses her feet on the front.
 6. On "6" the leader rotate the follower's shoulder to align her to go on the line of dancing.
 7. "7 " and "8" should be the same as our regular basic step.

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