Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tango Music for Beginners

Dance Conmigo offers Private and group tango classes

If a person registers for a tango class, love the class and the music, the next logical step would be to get some music to practice. But here comes the question: Which is the best tango music for beginners?

Usually my first tango lesson every session starts with walks. Without explaining any of the characteristics of the Tango walk, I ask students to walk as if they were walking in the streets and then I put a tango song. This Tango song has to be a song in which the beat is clear and constant.

Some of the favorite composers used for beginner classes are Carlos Di SarlyFrancisco Canaro and Miguel Calo; their music has a clear and simple tempo that is easy to follow in our Tango infancy.

After one to three years, a tango dancers begins to understand how to walk in harmony with the music. It is at this moment that the dancer could start experimenting with other composer such as Juan D'Arienso, Anibal Troilo, Ricardo Tanturi.

Of course, when a tango dancer goes to a milonga, he/she does not know the names of the songs that the DJ is playing, and at the beginning, perhaps every song sounds the same, most of them have a violin, a piano and a bandoneon, but the first purchased song should have a clear and steady tempo that would be easy to follow as we concentrate in doing a perfect tango walk.

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