Thursday, April 26, 2012

Circular Colgadas: Michelle & Joachim

Circular colgadas are extremely deceiving. At the beginning they seem to be so easy and natural, then as the dancers try learn all the elements that come into play, (body pasture, changes in the abrazo, momentum of the movements, foot positioning) the dancers can realize how difficult this movement can be. After many hours and even weeks of practice, it begins to feel natural, the dancers can get in and out or the circular colgadas with little hesitation  and finally, when the dancers feel comfortable with the movements they realize how easy and natural it is do and wonder how did they ever dance without circular colgadas.

At Dance Conmigo, we dedicated almost the whole Winter 2012 session to learning, practicing and experimenting with  Circular Colgadas. The students were delighted and now it has become part of their every day dancing.

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