Friday, March 16, 2012

Tango, fish tail, Simple flashy sacada, Nice body rotation #4

Dance Conmigo offers private and group classes.

In this class we did some variation from the previous week. Specifically, I like to always show two versions of the same movements, one version for the milonga and one version for a performance.

During the last few classes I have been focusing almost exclusively on body rotations. I have encounter unexpected challenges as I am trying to explain the body feeling to the students. So far I am giving myself an 80% success rate. on my 20% failure, I am attributing it to not explaining things in a way that would be understood by a particular student, or the student not being experienced enough to to guide the move properly.

On the other hand, some time I practice learning a move for hour before explaining it. I think that it is only normal if the student do not get it perfectly withing the 55 minutes of one class.

I would truly appreciate any feed back.

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