Friday, March 23, 2012

Back Volcadas

Dance Conmigo offers private and group classes.

I use Back Volcadas as a decorative step or as a complement to some other move.

The way I do it is by doing my regular 1 & 2 of the basic. On 3, I step outside partner and after transferring my weight on the right foot, I guide a small but dry and firm "J" movements with my torso.

If my partners' right leg is loose enough to be guided, her leg would do a small (or big, depending on the energy given) circular movement that would culminate by hooking behind her left foot. At the end of the circular movement and the hooking behind, she will transfer her weight to her right foot.

The leader would rotate her shoulder to help her liberate her left foot and he will guide her out by doing a regular 3,4,5 or by guiding many other back volcada.

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