Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dance Conmigo students spend an evening at the circus

Click HERE to see video
It was the beginning of May, when Dance Conmigo received a phone call from the promoters of a TV series called, La Vie est un cirque, televised by TV5.

Our conversation went more or less like this.

Promoters: Hey, we are televising a circus show performed by Cirque Eloize with the theme "The evolution of tango" would you like to attend to the filming and get some free tickets?

Dance Conmigo: sure, how many tickets do you have.

Promoter: we can give you 10.

Dance Conmigo: Can we have 20? some of our student would feel left out if they are not invited.

Promoter: Well, we had 10 for you, but we will make it 20.

Dance Conmigo: Thank you so much.

An so it happened. About 20 Dance Conmigo students went to the Cirque Eloize head-quarters and played the role of public during this fantastic presentation.

The presentation was aired this week and we wanted to share it with every one else. Click on the image to see the video.

Dance Conmigo will also be organizing adance party on September 1st at studio Metronome from 8:00pm to midnight. The party will start with a Bachata class in on Dance floor and a Tango class in another dance floor. The cost will only be $6.

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